Kevin McCloud Sails Cardboard Houseboat

Kevin McCloud Sails Cardboard Houseboat

Kevin McCloud sails the world’s first ever cardboard houseboat

Kevin McCloud set sail last week for Grand Designs Live at the ExCel exhibition centre in a cardboard houseboat, believed to be a world first. Captained by British architect Kevin McCloud, the cardboard houseboat went on its first maiden voyage down a stretch of the River Thames on Saturday 30th April. Astonishingly this unconventional vessel made entirely from recycled cardboard contained two bunks, a kitchen, portholes and an anchor – the brainchild behind the houseboat are designers Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller and then intend to take the recycled boat on a voyage across the English Channel very soon.

Kevin McCloud Sails Cardboard Houseboat

The fully recycled cardboard houseboat is part of McCloud’s new salvaging series ‘Kevin’s Supersized Salvage on channel 4 and he said this about the show: “[There is a] new culture in design and manufacturing, which is looking at waste and saying: ‘Why are we chucking this stuff away when it’s such a fantastic resource and we can reuse it?’.
Mr Dwyer and Mr Waller are part of the new Channel 4 series, which challenged three designers to turn a passenger plane into hundreds of recycled product, urging people to think of innovative ways to use Britain’s waste.

Although the cardboard boat’s exterior may appear to be a jigsaw puzzle, it was first brought to life on a computer and then waterproofed and fitted with a motor to make it seaworthy. McCloud has been instrumental in developing sustainable designs and energy saving property refurbishments within architecture and was rewarded with an MBE in 2014.

The Boat sailed straight into the Grand Designs Live show and became a part of the event in area that was based around innovation with 3D printers and unconventional builders and architects that featured at the event.

Watch a video of the boat being built from scratch.


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