Why Eco - Eco Event

Why Eco?

First and foremost, you should forget everything you think you know about cardboard. Eco Event’s ‘friendly furniture’ is manufactured in the UK and is made from a durable, sustainable and 100% recyclable cardboard.

Events take a heavy toll on resources…until now. By hiring or purchasing from Eco Event’s friendly furniture range you have the ability to transform your office, summer party, exhibition stand or home furnishings with a lightweight premium product that can be assembled in minutes without the need of a toolbox. If you are still thinking about a cardboard box that weakens and eventually falls apart over time, Eco Event’s eco friendly furniture collection is very different. The bespoke furniture range is made from a super high-grade corrugated cardboard and is guaranteed to withstand the same amount of pressure as any of its heavier and bulkier predecessors. The friendly furniture range goes beyond durability and convenience too; it has a multi-layered protective coating to ensure all finished products are fire retardant, moisture resistant, water repellant and has a vapour barrier.

To prove its eco friendly credentials the products are produced and manufactured from a sustainable source, the cardboard comes from an FSC forests where, for each tree chopped down two trees are planted, to guarantee the protection of the future of forests and timber supply.

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