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Sustainable Eco Friendly Event Ideas - Cardboard Bar Stool

The unique 100% recyclable cardboard bar stool is available exclusively at Eco Event. The lightweight and durable bar stool has a multi-layered protective coating to ensure it's water resistant, flame retardant and include a moisture and vapour barrier to help maintain it's structural integrity against high temperatures and damp conditions. Eco Event's ‘friendly furniture’ collection is manufactured in the UK. Find out how you can create a sustainable event out of our cardboard furniture here. Plus as we are talking about a cardboard bar stool here, we should point out it can be easily printed on and personalised. This mainly gives opportunities to corporate brands, companies and festival sponsors to spread their message or campaign to an entire bar area. Available flat pack or fully assembled. Eco Event is passionate about sustainable event planning and to continue it’s efforts for a greener future they are donating 1% of all proceeds to independent charity Trees for Cities.. Contact us today for hire and purchase prices and personalisation.


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