KarTent | Eco Friendly Cardboard Camping Solution


KarTent – a 100% recyclable cardboard tent for festivals.

University graduates Jan Portheine and Wout Kommer are the inventors of KarTent, a disposable eco friendly cardboard camping solution set to transform music festival camping sites around the world.

Kartent 1 Cardboard Tents | a 100% recyclable cardboard tent for festivals

KarTent has reported that 1 in 4 visitors to festivals in the Netherlands leave their tent behind – creating a huge mountain of waste: those are as many as 25,000 tents per year! I’m reluctant to even pluck a number out of air for the number of tents left at festival sites around the UK. You can almost bet on one thing, it will be even more than the Netherlands, Glastonbury alone. Many of us festival-goers have been guilty of this at some stage, it’s the last thing you want to think about when you are broken, weak and suffering with a bad case of festival blues – maybe now your prayers have been answered.

KartTent 2 Cardboard Tents | 100% recyclable tents for music festivals

KarTent boast they have the Ferrari of cardboard boxes and have invented a disposable festival tent entirely made from the material. The carton ensures that the tent can easily be recycled directly to the waste paper, so that the material can be reused for toilet paper, textbooks, shoe boxes of other things to make – much like our own cardboard range of friendly furniture for festivals, summer parties and corporate events. What about the rain? The dreaded festival rain… the tent has been designed to withstand rain and moisture thanks to a high quality cardboard that absorbs very little water.

The tent ticks all the boxes for comfort and practicality too, they stay nice, dark and cool in the morning – a necessity when you are nursing a hangover from ‘that night before’, and when you purchase a KarTent online (currently retailing at £40) they will deliver it to the festival site for you, an ingenious selling point! One of our favourite parts of the KarTent ethos is the opportunity to personalise the tents for brands, festival partners and sponsors.  KarTent has already received a great deal of media attention in the UK, none less so than the Daily Mail and they hope to bring them to Glastonbury this summer.

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