Google Cardboard - what is it?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard – what is it?

In a nutshell Google Cardboard is a low-fi gizmo that turns a phone screen into Virtual Reality headset by simply creating a pair of glasses from some foldable cardboard, velcro and a magnet.

Google Cardboard

Google’s attempt at Virtual Reality is part of long line of companies developing technology for VR, however they are the first company to use cardboard. The product had it’s official unveiling at Google’s I/0 2014 keynote, when everyone in attendance received a nondescript cardboard package – the idea behind it was to launch a DIY VR headset. Once you’ve built the headset, in a matter of minutes, you can experience the exciting and immersive world of Virtual Reality.

Amazingly the cardboard pairs with smartphones via NFC and users are able to explore the real world via Google Earth, YouTube, Photo Sphere. The cardboard glasses offer even more intriguing visuals through Exhibit that allows you to view cultural artifacts 360 degrees, Street Vue consisting of a drive through Paris and Windy Day, an interactive animated short.

Google Cardboard’s other exciting features include creating your own 360-degree virtual reality-style photograph, virtual reality news stories, gaming and viewing your phone media in a new way…all inside cardboard! 360-degree photographs are created using Google’s proprietary photo app that has the ability to stitch together photos to make an entirely 360-degree experience and at the same time capture and record live audio from the scene.

Google currently offer a wide variety of cardboard-style headsets and prices generally range from £15 – £25, for more info click here.


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