Eco Photo Booth Hire | The environmentally conscious photo booth

Eco Photo Booth – The Environmentally Conscious Booth

Eco Photo Booth Hire – Personalise your very own eco-friendly cardboard photo booth

By creating a personalised eco photo booth for your next campaign you can start engaging with your audience in an environmentally conscious way.
The Eco Event project worked with the likes of Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam at Glastonbury Festival last year. As well as teaming up with partners Trees for Cities at Nozstock Festival in 2016. In 2017 a brand or business has the opportunity to collaborate with Eco Event by designing their own personalised eco photo booth to further enhance their corporate social responsibility. The Eco Photo Booth can creates a fun and interactive experience that can help reach out to an audience on the importance of environmental sustainability within all business sectors. Why? Because business and helping the environment go hand-in-hand. Or if you are looking to just make a difference by doing something good the Eco Photo Booth should be at the top of your shopping list.

Eco warrior

Eco Photo Booth - The Environmentally Friendly Booth | Personalise Your Booth

The photo booth structure is constructed by cardboard obtained from 100% FSC-certified forest. To explain, an FSC certified first means that none of the material was from an illegally harvest forest and it was not harvested in violation of traditional or civil rights. The cardboard is also 100% fully recyclable and we are currently developing ways to keep it in the supply chain.


We offer a variety of packages including, environmentally friendly digital packages and conscious prints. By opting for a digital package you still get a fully interactive service with social media and email uploads, boomerang GIFs, photo branding and green screen removal.

Eco Photo Booth - Digital eco package

If you decide to go for a printing option you can feel rest assured that the high tech printers come with a standby mode ensuring low power consumption, whilst the print media rollback function keeps consumable waste to a minimum. The printers are built with dye sub technology that produces high-quality prints in less than 10 seconds with no VOCs – VOCs participate in atmospheric photochemical reactions, which harm the environment.

Eco Photo Booth - Digital and printing eco package

Eco Event production help the conservation of forests worldwide and support partners Trees for Cities to promote the importance of creating greener cities and inspiring children to eat good food and connect with nature.

Creating your own bespoke eco photo booth

What’s more significant when choosing a photo booth for your next brand experience, is that with the Eco Photo Booth you can create a personalised cardboard case that can be stored for you and used for multiple campaigns in the future. For inspiration check out CanO Waters’ bespoke cardboard case used for at Graduate Fashion Week in London in 2016.

Eco Photo Booth pricing | Day Hire
Eco Photo Booth pricing | Long term hire


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