Personalise Your Own Eco Friendly Cardboard Furniture

Eco Friendly Cardboard Furniture for Corporate Summer Events

Personalise eco friendly cardboard furniture for a summer event, corporate party, wedding or brand campaign.

If you are organising a festival, sustainability event or promoting your company’s corporate social responsibility, find out how you can personalise our eco friendly cardboard furniture for a summer event.

Branded furniture | Eco Friendly Cardboard Furniture for corporate summer events

If you’ve been sleeping under a (cardboard) box for the past two months you may not have heard, cardboard fever is here! From Google’s virtual reality headgear to cameras, smartphone projectors, radio, speakers, toilets (it’s true) and one of our favourite projects from Dutch company KarTent – tents entirely made from cardboard for festivals. It’s safe to say the world is in the midst of a cardboard frenzy.

KarTent | Eco Friendly Cardboard Furniture for corporate summer events

With our unique cardboard range of friendly furniture we haven’t tried to rewrite the wheel with our designs, what we have done instead is created a sustainable range of products based on traditional furniture designs from cardboard picnic tables and park benches to a bar area and bar stools to event accessories like ping pong tables, mini golf games and photo booths – we have all bases covered. The difference with our furniture is that it can be completely personalised to fit your event or outdoor wedding and once the event has reached the end, you can pack it all down and use it either for another shindig or as extra furniture for the house or office. And best of all, when you have completely exhausted all uses for it, it can be recycled to make other products – and that’s a big thumb’s up from Mother Nature.

Branded furniture | Eco Friendly Cardboard Furniture for corporate summer events - International Confex

Cardboard furniture has already managed to transform spaces at International Confex at Olympia and Eco Build at Excel both receiving acclaim for innovative engineering and sustainable event ideas.

Book your furniture now and get a special package deal that includes our Eco Photo Booth –a unique collaboration with Megabooth.


Can we brand the items?

Yes, all items can be personalised

Can we create more bespoke products for our events?

Yes, send inspiration our way

What about the elements?

All products are finished in a special coating to ensure they are water resistant, flame retardant and have moisture and vapour barrier to help maintain the items structural integrity against adverse conditions.

Are the products suitable for outdoor events?

See above!

Can the items be flat packed and stored away for future events?

In shorts – we are the Ikea of cardboard


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